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Stainless Steel Wine Pourer, Aerator and Decanter - Premium Pour Spout for Red, White and Rose Wine, Liquor and Olive Oil! (Dog)

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You've been talking about getting a dog but maybe you're not ready for the additional responsibility. Well don't worry - there's minimal responsibility when you add a Txoko Dog Pourer to the family. All you have to worry about is keeping that glass full!

  • POUR LIKE THE PROS: Don't worry about wasted or spilled wine, inevitable splashes, or over-pouring. Txoko's pour tops are used by many tasting rooms in California, Europe and beyond - perfect pours all around! Txoko's pour tops work perfectly with wine, and are also perfect olive oil pourers and liquor pourers.
  • SPARK INSTANT CONVERSATIONS: Everything we do at Txoko is focused on entertaining with your friends, family, food and drink - our pourers are no exception. They are a great addition to your party and are a perfect conversation starter - all while perfectly aerating and decanting your wine.
  • BUILT TO LAST: Each Txoko unit is made with 305 Stainless Steel and is hand welded. Avoid cheap chrome zinc alloys which are prone to cracking and chipping, sometimes into your wine! Don’t settle for anything less and get a Txoko bottle pourer that will last a lifetime.
  • PERFECT GIFTS: Txoko's pour tops are the perfect gift for wine lovers, cooks, bartenders or anyone who loves to entertain friends and family. Holiday fits, Christmas gifts, Birthday presents or any other occasion is a perfect reason to pick up a Txoko wine pourer today!

Why Txoko Pour Tops:

  • They're the perfect pour tops for wine, liquor or olive oil bottles!
  • Easily decant your wine just by pouring - no need to wait for the wine to 'open up'!
  • These are the perfect gifts for your wine lovers, cocktail aficionados, and cooking obsessed friends.
  • Check out Txoko's other designs today!