Our Story

The Women Behind the Business:

Meet Carin and Martina

... when we met in business school at the University of Chicago Booth School of Business.

Since then, we’ve supported, loved, and cared for each other through countless phases of life. Even as life changes have meant that we might be MANY miles apart, we’ve always made it a point to prioritize getting together over a(n often virtual) glass of wine to catch up and celebrate our friendship. 

We can't take credit for the original idea for Cru Candles, but we knew a good idea when we saw one!

When the opportunity to take over the business presented itself in 2022, we leapt at the chance - between our business backgrounds, our mutual love of both wine and candles, and our thirst for new experiences, it was a no brainer. 

For us, running and growing Cru Candles is about celebrating each other, bonding over a shared passion project, and fostering that feeling you get when you light a candle and share a bottle of fine wine with a life-long friend.   

We hope you join this "cru" on our journey!